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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to School Math Activity

The 10 things to Know about Me Linky made me think about a Back to School activity I do with my students.  It is a math lesson and a good quick assessment of what they remember.  I also like to use it to introduce the use of rubrics.  I use rubrics for nearly everything, and I find that students are not familiar with them and not sure how to use them to help them complete activities. 

An image of my sample is included, too.  When I explain the assignment, I display my sample and then use the rubric to score it so the kids can see what grade I would get.  Sometimes, I display one that is missing information and demonstrate what score it would get, too.

I find that this quick activity is a good ease into the school year, and it helps to show the importance of numbers in our lives!  Hope you can use it!


Tara said...

Love this and would love to use it but can't seem to get the google doc:((

4th Grade Frolics

Jennifer Gibson said...

Sorry, Tara.

I think it is fixed it now. I had left it private...

Tara said...

Thanks girl:))
All set!

4th Grade Frolics

Julie said...

Great idea~

Kelli Beason said...

Saw on another blog you have been doing reader's workshop for 15 years. I want to start it in my room and need help. I am having a linky party and need ideas. link up or personally email me Please please please help

Mak said...

I absolutely love this! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sandy said...

I am blogging about this today... Thanks for the awesome idea! :)

Amanda Kendall said...

I hopped over from 4th Grade Frolics to snag this wonderful idea. I wanted to read about it from the source, hehe. :)

Thanks for sharing this great idea for B2S.

The Teaching Thief

Miss Foote said...

Loving this...made a more structured rough draft version for my lower 2nds! Can't wait to use it.

Chickadee Jubilee