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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home Links for Reading Skills

Communicating with parents about school is essential, but sometimes difficult in a subject like reading. Of course, students can read at home, but it is nice if parents have an idea of what skills we have been focusing on so they can help practice at home. Last year, I found these school home links to use as a communication tool. It allowed parents to help children work on skills during independent reading in books at home. I often used the standard 3rd grade one and adjusted it as necessary for learners' needs. I liked the accountability it gave the students to practice the skills at home.

You can download the whole document if you want--they are available for grades K-3, or you can check out the table of contents for each grade level and choose the ones that you find most appropriate for your classroom.

I think these are a great resource even if they have been around for a while. Good readers have used many of the same skills for centuries!