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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sir Ken Robinson

This afternoon, I watched a thought-provoking presentation by Sir Ken Robinson at the 2010 TED Conference. He called it Bring on the Revolution! He was a very entertaining and interesting presenter. He talked about changes that he thought needed to happen to education.

In his presentation, he discusses the fact that school is so often taught in a linear fashion with the line beginning to point towards college degrees as early as kindergarten.

Not all children will immediately go to a traditional college program after 12th grade, but even so, they are likely to become important, contributing members of our society. It made me wonder, "Do I show my students how much I value their talents? Do I work to make my room a place that lets children explore possibilities rather than just a place to "jump through the hoops?"

If you have time, watch some of the presentation. Let me know your thoughts.


Unknown said...

I just watched another video of him speaking for one o my master's classes. He is an engaging speaker.
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