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Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Amazon Delivery!

Today, I received a box of books from Amazon.  It contained books that I found while looking at other people's favorite fall read-alouds.  How exciting for me!  I took the boys to the pool, and I read picture books in the sun.  What great ideas I got from everybody!  Some of the books were on multiple lists, and now I can see why.

The book I am going to talk about is one that I don't think I found on someone's list.  It was listed below another book where it says "Customers who bought this book also liked..."

What a great book!  I loved its emphasis on words and definitions, and the story line was clever, too!  I looked online, and Debra Frasier has a website that offers some additional resources to use with it, too.  It is cleverly written and may be better for students in Grades 3 and up, but maybe some of you will tell me differently.

If I am mistaken and found this book in your list of fall read-alouds, I apologize and thank you for the recommendation!


Amanda said...

I blogged about some of my activities with this book earlier last school year. Instead of a traditional Halloween Party, this is how we decided to celebrate. I also shared a few other lesson ideas. Hope you find something you can use!


Mrs. Shepherd said...

My school used this book in the past to host a Vocabulary Parade. Each class signed up near the library for a vocabulary word. That is 1200+ plus words that need to be posted for students to choose from. After they choose a word, they have to take it home to define it, write a sentences with it. Then on the day of the parade they are to dress as their word.

Blogger said...

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