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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Book Whisperer--Chapter 5: Walking the Walk

I liked this chapter. (Who am I kidding? I liked the whole book!) It made me think about myself and my practices in the classroom and at home.

I have read a lot of children's books, and I am not afraid to share my thoughts and ideas about books I have read with my students. Students feel comfortable asking me for a suggestion because I have read so many. However, I find that I am best at recommending to my more-developed readers. I taught junior high and 5th grade for a number of years, and during that time, I developed a love of literature for this age. I rarely read adult books, but I don't read enough books that are at a 3rd grade level. I resolve to do better at this, and I have tried to do that this summer.

One way that I am going to do this is that in my classroom, I am going to have a display showing the book that I am currently reading. I am planning to put myself to the same 40 book challenge that I am giving my students. I have created a list that I will have posted by my desk, and I will plug each book into its category as I complete it. Not only will this model reading, but it will be a reminder to them to keep their own list updated.

Click on the picture to access my book list that I will post by my desk to show me meeting the 40 book challenge.

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Rebecca Rojas said...

Thanks for linking up! I am the same way about recommending books! I also need to be more familiar with books that would be appropriate for some of my developing readers.


Shannon said...

I'm going to keep a readers notebook along with my kids this year as well to show them that I am not asking them to do anything that I wouldn't do. (And I LOVE to read!)