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Friday, July 22, 2011

Great week of professional development

This week, I have had the privilege of joining a team of educators from my district at a digital conversion workshop in North Carolina.  It was so much fun!  I learned so many new ideas, and it challenged me to think of ways to teach in a 21st century way.

I learned so much, and I certainly can't post everything all in one day (besides--I have had very little sleep...), so I am beginning with a fun website.

The website is called  On this site, you can take a photo and add a mouth and a recorded sound so that it can talk.  The one I am attaching is really nothing, but think of the ways it could be used in a room... a character sharing his point of view, an historical figure asking your students their opinion on a historical event, you talking to your class on a day when they have a sub...  (We recommended to our superintendent that he begin our opening institute with himself

So, check out my short little clip, and then check out the website yourself!