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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I am planning to use Kidblog with my students this year.  Has anyone used it with their students?  I am excited about it, and I think the kids will be, too, but is it feasible for 3rd graders?

I don't want to spend a ton of school time for kids to enter their weekly blog entry.  I plan on them writing a blog entry each week about their independent reading.  I know their keyboarding skills are not all that, so it concerns me that it may be more time-consuming than I would like.  I am going to talk to the technology teacher to see if she is willing to give them 10 minutes a week during their computer lab to write in their blog.  I am also wondering if they will be able to access the blog from home.  If so, that would be great.  Many of them could work on it from home sometimes, too.

I would love to know if you have tried anything like this and what suggestions you might have.  If you haven't tried it, I guess you will hear more about it in the fall when I give it a go! 


Barbara said...

Writing reviews about their reading might work really well. We tried blogging with 2nd and 3rd and what we found was that they didn't have much to say until we gave them prompts: What would you do if you see your friend throw her paper towel on the floor in the bathroom? and dilemmas: What woud you do if you thought your neighbor wasn't taking very good care of his dog? Their blogs were pretty insightful then. Can't wait to see how your kids do!


Pat's Paper Passion said...

I used it last year and liked it. We all had our own passwords, etc. The computer lab in our school doesn't let students print to it, so the kids would add their projects, etc to kidblog and then I could print or share....AND the parents at home could get on and see what we'd been doing.

I tried to enforce the idea that the students were NOT texting, so they needed to be aware of spelling, punctuation, etc.

Good Luck


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Jennifer Gibson said...

I am planning to use them as a reading response activity. They will be responsible for one per week. (That is the plan, at least.) That way I can read them without having to carry a bunch of notebooks around...

I am glad to hear that you liked it, Pat. I am just concerned about the time it will take, but I feel confident that will improve as the year goes on.

Thanks to both of you with your comments. I appreciate it. It takes some of my concerns away.

Mrs. Shepherd said...

I also plan to use it as a Reading Response Activity and for students to post some of their essays. I am hoping to get parents involved by having them leave positive comments on their papers. I am going to set up a small class chart next to the computers and when a parent makes a comment their child will receive a star next to their name. The student with the most stars at the end of the month will get a prize.