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Monday, July 11, 2011

My Daily Schedule

I have no idea what my schedule for the fall will be.  My principal did an AWESOME job last year of scheduling my specials at about the same time each day, so that made my schedule easy to do.  She also made sure that all four of us 3rd grade teachers had common prep times so we could collaborate as necessary.  Is she great, or what?
Anyway, I am posting two schedules.  One is my schedule from last year, and one is my "dream" schedule.

Last year (2010-2011):
     8:30-8:45  Arrival/Morning Activities/Announcements
     8:45-9:15  Targeted Instruction Time ( whole 3rd grade remediation/extension)

     9:15-9:25  Choral Reading

     9:25-9:50  1st block of literacy student choice (I meet with groups or conference)

     9:50-10     Students share reading/writing

     10-10:25  CAFE Minilesson/ Partner Read to practice skill

     10:25-10:50   2nd block of literacy student choice (I meet with groups or conference)

     10:50-11:15  IMC  or Art  or  Music 
             (I am messing with my times a little here because each day of the week was different.  Students had IMC on Monday for a half hour, Music on Tuesday for 25 min., Art on Wednesday for 45 min, IMC on Thursday for one hour, and Music again on Friday for 25 min.)  So this time started some days at 10:45 and ended others at 11:45,but you should get the idea. 

     11:15-11:55 Math

     11:55-12:45  Lunch

     12:45-1:05  Read Aloud

     1:05- 1:30  Math

     1:30- 2:00  Social Studies

     2:00-2:20  PE  (every day)

     2:20-2:50  Science  (on Fridays we did Kindergarten Buddy activities)

     2:50-3:10  Writing

     3:10-3:15  Dismissal

Of course, on typical days, these times ran a little into each other, but I work hard to stay pretty much on schedule.

My Dream Schedule

     8:30-9:05  Check-in/Announcements/1st Literacy Block  (I conference or work with groups)

     9:05-9:10   Students share reading/writing

     9:10-9:15  Choral Reading

     9:15-9:40   CAFE minilesson and partner reading

     9:40-10:05   2nd Literacy Block  (I conference or work with groups)

     10:05-10:30  Writing/Spelling/Grammar

     10:30-11:00 Targeted Instruction Time

     11:00-11:30  Music, Art, or IMC  (approximate times)

     11:30-11:55  Math

     11:55-12:45  LUNCH

     12:45-1:05   Read Aloud

     1:05-1:45  Math

    1:45-2:15  Social Studies

     2:15-2:35  PE

     2:35-3:05  Science

     3:05-3:15  Independent Reading

     3:15  Dismissal

     Obviously, I was pretty lucky with last year's schedule.  It was pretty close to my dream schedule.  Who knows what this year's will look like?  We have a large school, so it is likely to change somewhat.

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Becca Morris said...

Thanks for linking up! I pick up my kids from the gym at 7:45. I wish our day started and ended later like your school.

Simply 2nd Resources

Ashleigh said...

I'm going to have to join this linky party. We have the same activity and lunch schedule for years, but there are some big changes next year, so it will be interesting. We start school at 7:20-ouch!

Jennifer Gibson said...

Wow! I guess I didn't realize how lucky I was! I am not a morning person, so 8:30 is early enough for me!