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Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Fun IPhone App

Okay, so I listened to Kleinspiration, and I am now getting caught up inTwitter. I don't tweet very often (because I am not very confident about it yet), but I do follow a lot of great educators who share a lot of interesting articles and resources. One of them I have begun following is Lyn Hilt. (@L_Hilt on Twitter)
Yesterday she tweeted about a new IPhone app-- Flat Stanley! Students download the app, and then they can customize him. After that, they can take pictures of him with their own phone, or send him away to other friends and let them take pictures to send back! How fun is that?

I hope you find it to be a lot of fun!  Follow me on Twitter, too!  @jkgibson6


kennady said...

good idea ....Tamil language is a classical language of the world. Probably it is one of the oldest spoken languages on planet earth.