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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun October Writing Assignment

Kids love Halloween.  At the school I am at now, we celebrate Halloween, but that has not been true of all of the schools where I have taught.  For this reason, over the years, I have tried to steer clear of  doing too many Halloween activities.  I do, however, do a couple of different things that go well with the season.  Tonight I am going to share with you a quick little writing assignment that my students will have.

While I do the Daily 5, I do have my students have certain tasks that must  be completed in the week. After they complete the weekly assignment, then they can use their writing workshop time on whatever writing they wish.  While some may not consider this to be true Writers' Workshop, it works well for me, and it gives those students of mine who have a very difficult time writing, some direction and accountability for their time.
This week, my students will be creating a WANTED poster of an imaginary creature of their choosing.  I have used WANTED posters over the years for a number of assignments, but this one is always one of my students' favorites!  It is a simple assignment, so my expectations for spelling, details and sentences are pretty high.

Click on the images to get the WANTED poster description and the WANTED poster template.