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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What would you say?

I have been asked to a couple of different groups in the next week, and I would be interested to know what you are thinking.

First, I am going to speak to a Citizen's Advisory Council about the use of social media in the elementary classroom.  I have a few ways that we use it in our 3rd grade classroom, but I am wondering if you have ideas of things that should be said.  I will explain our Classconnect site, our blogging, and our recent Twitter account as places that we have started.  Do you have anything that you think should be mentioned?

Also, I am speaking to our staff about Web 2.0 tools.  I have a short time, and I want to share easy sites that I know they will be able to use easily.  I am thinking about Wallwisher, Wordle/Tagxedo, and ClassConnect.  Some of our teachers are very tech savvy, but not all, so I am thinking I will hopefully give everyone one new thing to take away.  Is there a tool that I am forgetting about?  What would you share with your staff in 20 minutes? 

I am excited to spread my passion for technology to these groups, but I don't want to overwhelm anyone or make them feel like it takes something special to use these sites.  I want something easy that they can use and understand.  Am I on the right track?


Shannon said...

I think you are on the right track-you are right, you don't want to overwhelm anyone. Those sites are plenty to get them started. Good luck!!! :)


Mrs. Shepherd said...

You are definitely on the right track. It is really hard not overwhelm teachers with all the great tool we know of. Some of the tools I use everyday with my 4th graders are kidblog, edmodo and glogster.