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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Digital Learning Day Success!

Today was the first Digital Learning Day, and my class participated by completing a scavenger hunt.  I was very pleased with their results!  I really wasn't sure what to expect, but they really rose to the challenge.  I am listing the results below.  I allowed them to work individually or with partners.  Most of the girls tended to work together while the boys mainly worked along. (Interesting)

I think that I will try another challenge later in the year.  The students responded favorably to the task, and said that it made them feel more comfortable about a number of different computer skills.  We have practiced these skills numerous times, but few had done these tasks so independently.  They had a great time. 

v  Go to .  Read the Being Smart rules. List the five rules in your Word doc.  (19 students completed without difficulty.  4 did not get it done)

v  Find out the name of Jimmy Carter’s Vice-President.  Put the v-p’s name and the site where you found it into your doc.  (All 23 students found this answer)

v  Go to  Play 3 games of Junk Pile.  Capture an image of each game’s score and put them in your doc.  (22 students completed. 1 student only got two of their game scores captured.)

v  Find a website about chemical and physical changes.  Spend at least 5 minutes on the site checking it out.  Then create a QR code for it and insert the QR code into your word doc.  (19 were able to do independently, 4 were not.)

v  Find the name of the 2012 Newbery medal winner.  Put the name of the book into your doc. Include the site where you found it.  (21 found the answer, 2 did not.)

v  Find a book trailer for a children’s book.  Insert the URL into your doc.  (19 were able to complete, 4 were not)

v  Save your word doc into your documents and then submit.  (Everyone completed this step!)

I think something like this would be good for a professional development activity, too!  I think many teachers would surprise themselves at what they would be able to do!  :)


Mrs. Mary Aper said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Not sure that I'm tech smarter than a 3rd grader! :-)