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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Extra Day! Leap Year Activities

February 29th is a special day.  An extra day.  What would you do with an extra day?  Well, we are going to make it a fun day filled with leaping, laughing, and X's.

We are going to treat it as an extra day, and we will forego our regular curriculum on this day just to have a fun day of Xtra activities.  I have celebrated like this before with my students, but it has been a while, as our last February 29th fell on the weekend.

 Fire X
I am posting an outline of my current plans for the day...if you have any other great ideas, I'd be glad to hear them!

Plans for Wednesday, February 29th: 
Our EXTRA day
8:30-8:40  Opening Activities
8:40-9:00  Daily 5 Block (No restrictions)
9:00-9:15  Extra Sharing:  Everyone shares!  Students are partnered up and each person must share a book or a writing with their partner.
9:15-9:45  X activity stations:
1)            Alphabetizing words that begin with X
2)       Learning about the prefix eX
3)        Turning an X into a picture and then creating a story about it.
9:45-10:05  Daily 5 Block (No Restrictions)
10:05-10:45  (Computer) Math Practice on IXL(20 min) and Sumdog (20 min)
10:45-11:15  IMC
11:15-11:35  Math Leap frog in the commons practicing X facts.
11:35-11:50  Solve for X (algebra practice)
11:50-12:40 LUNCH/RECESS
12:40-12:55  Read Aloud
12:55-1:25  Targeted Instruction
1:25-1:50  Extra time for partner reading
1:50-2:20  Extra time on the computers(TBD)
2:20-2:50  Xylophones, Xrays, and the number of leap days there have been
2:50-2:55  Ready for Home
2:55-3:15  PE
3:15  HOME

For a link to some of these activities, go to the 2/26 post.


Tara said...

Love your X plans:) Think I'm going to have to borrow some of the activities:)

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