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Friday, March 30, 2012

These Books Kick it up a Notch!

Two of the  books I have read this spring break really "kick it up a notch!"  The first one I read was by John Grisham, Theodore Boone:  Kid Lawyer.
Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

I do not typically read books written for adults, but I am aware of John Grisham, so I bought this book earlier in the year because of his name on the cover.  I ripped through it over break.  It was a good story, and really broke down the law system for kids.  It reminded me a lot of Encyclopedia Brown (he was always one of my favorites!) but had a much more serious crime that Theo pursued.  Throughout the story, Theo's classmates came to him for law advice, and his knowledge was enough to set them on the right path.  I liked it so much, that I headed off to the bookstore to see if there was a 2nd.  They didn't have the 2nd one in.  It is called Theodore Boone:  The Abduction.  I will have to look for it this summer!

The second book that I read was very short, but pretty intense.  It was called On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer.

On My Honor

This is not a new book, and you may be aware of it because it was a Newbery Honor Book.  It is a book that really spotlights character vs. himself conflict.  The entire book is told from the point of view of Joel who "gave his honor" to his dad that he would ride his back right to the park and back, but he doesn't, and tragic events incur.  It really made me sad to think of how this boy struggled with this one little decision and the effect that it had.  This book really emphasizes "Wrong is wrong even if everyone else is doing it and right is right even if no one else is doing it."  Serious book with a strong message about our actions and how they affect others.

Two of the books that I have read this break.  Life is good.  :)


Mary Bauer said...

Thanks for recommending the John Grisham book. I will have to add it to my reading list.
Artistry of Education

Sandy said...

I love On MY Honor... we used this for lit circle this year. We also watched MY Girl and compared the two.