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Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Monday Made-It!

I have to give it to Tara...I certainly would have had a hard time staying motivated all summer prepping my classroom if it wasn't for her Monday Made Its!  Thanks so much!

This week, I made some stools for my guided reading table.  These six little guys are going to give my crowded classroom a lot more seating options!  I am very excited about them!

Here they are!  I don't know why I decided to surround the pole in the dining room with them, but....

To make them was very simple, and pretty cheap, too.  I bought the paint tubs and lids at Lowe's.  4 of them had permanent labels on them while the other two had removable labels.  Because of the permanent labels, I decided to use the duck tape to help hide the imprints.  They helped a little...thankfully, the labels are only on one side of the bucket.

I removed the handles from the paint tubs, and I used the lids as my pattern for cutting the material.  (I used canvas. I alreday had the blue, and I picked up the bright plaid at JoAnn Fabrics.  They will both match my room wonderfully!)  I cut the material in circles with a 6 inch bigger diameter than the lid itself.  It doesn't matter if it is perfect....just leave about 3 inches around from the lid to the size of the circle you cut.

Finally, I stuffed the lid by stapling the canvas to it and filling it.  I decided to use a duck tape trim around the bottom edge of the seat cover.  It helped to conceal the staples, and I liked the finished look it gave to the stools.

What do you think?  As I said, I really like them.  My sons have already tried them and decided that they were sturdy and comfortable.  I can't wait to use them around the table, for partner work, and for just extra seating around our gathering spot.

Go check out all of the great ideas over at Tara's linky party!


Learning with Mrs. Brinn said...

These are great!! I love their cheerful colors!

Unknown said...

I'm in the process of making bucket seat also. Yours came out great!
Modern Kindergarten

Lisa R. said...

Your bucket seats came out great! I love the colors you chose!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

PorscheNut said...

I'm going to make these, too. They seem like they would be sturdier than using crates. Have you tried out the crate seats at all?

Unknown said...

I tried to make these for my guided reading table. Let me warn you that spray paint does not work. The paint scratched off as soon as you bump it. I am going to try again but using duct tape. I am a teacher, and WILL NOT GIVE UP! LOL
Good luck