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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day in My Shoes

I am linking up with Ana from Ingles360 as part of  TBA's International Blog Hopping Day to share a day in my shoes....

Ruby Red Slippers

I am going with a Friday (on last year's schedule)

6:00:  Alarm goes off for the first time....:)  At some point I get up and shower.  I am lucky because my WONDERFUL husband is a morning guy, and he takes care of getting our 4 sons up, fed, and off to school.  (How about that?)

7:00: I grab some kind of breakfast (usually cereal or oatmeal) and if I need, fix a cup of Keurig.

7:15:  I'm off to school and arrive by 7:25.

7:25:  Final prep/get ready for kids

8:25:  Kids arrive in my room.  We do our morning activities to prep for the day. (lunch count, collect homework, announements, get laptops...)

8:40:  We begin our LITERACY BLOCK with a Daily 5 option.  Kids have a 20 minute block to read, blog, write, or work with words.  I conference with students or meet with small groups.

9:00:  Students share either reading or writing with the class.

9:10:  CAFE Skill lesson:  I typically introduce the skill and use a picture book or other short text to illustrate/practice skill.

9:30:  Partner Read/Practice:  Practice the CAFE skill with a partner using materials at their reading level.

9:45:  Class practices oral reading of this week's poem, quote, or song.  By Friday, our expression, fluency, rhythm and timing are pretty good.  :)

9:50:  Students conclude the LITERACY BLOCK with a Daily 5 option.  They again have a 20 minute block that they can use as above except they are not to do whatever they did in the first block.  We record our choices into our D5 Binder so that we can monitor how time was spent.  I continue to meet with students.

10:10:  We begin our  MATH WORKSHOP with our 1st rotation/activity.  Typically, students are divided into 2 or 3 groups working on materials at their level.

10:25:  We continue with out 2nd rotation of MATH WORKSHOP.

10:45:  ART  Because of our building's overcrowding, my class has to have art in the classroom.  This doesn't really bother them, but it makes my prep less than it could be.  No matter, it is a nice break.

11:25: Art is done, so we do our 3rd rotation of MATH WORKSHOP.

11:50:  We go to lunch.  Because it is Friday, I often go with friends to Subway (our only real out of school option)

12:40:  Students return and I read aloud to them.  :)

12:55:  This is our targeted instruction time.  Students go to one of the third grade rooms to work on interventions, maintenance, or extension.  I have the extension students.  Last year, we learned Greek/Roman mythology, made book trailers, read Shakespeare, did readers' theatres, discussed and learned about the Holocaust and WWII, and studied and thought about the issues of slavery and civil rights.

1:25:  Students return to the room and we have social studies.

2:00:  We fill in our assignment notebook and get our bags packed to take home for the night.  I post the assignment notebook page to our website.

2:05:  Science

2:35:  Writing Workshop:  This is where I present a mini-lesson on writing.  Hopefully, we have time for kids to practice, too.

2:55:  Students grab their backpacks and hustle downstairs to PE.  They are dismissed from PE.  I am done teaching for the day.

3:15  School day is done.  I typically work with teammates, have meetings, and do school work until 4:30 or 5.

5:00  I get somewhere to pick up one or more boys from activities.

5:20  I am home to put dinner together. (although since it is Friday, we often eat out.)  :)

6:30  Football game?  Basketball game?  If so, we go.  Otherwise, I get settled in on the couch or in my bedroom for a relaxing night of DVR'd shows, 48Hours Mystery, or Dateline.

10:00  It is Friday, so I am off to bed early.  I'm tired! 

What does your day look like?  Link up and let us know!


First Grade Smarties said...

Ok Jennifer,
I think your schedule is very impressive. I think it's long days for both of us.
I love borns too, but I think you forgot a picture of them:)

Jennifer Gibson said...

I know! I apologize, but I am spending most of my time at the hospital with my son who ruptured his appendix this week! Today, I am wearing Earth shoes, and I don't have a camera with me (except my phone, I guess) Maybe I'll grab some time later to add a pic. Thanks for stopping by!


Unknown said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who falls asleep early on Friday night!

I am your newest follower! I hope you'll check out my new "manly" blog!

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