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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hospitals and Monday Made-It (on Wednesday)

I had so much fun doing Tara's  Monday Made-It a couple of weeks ago, and I had really been looking forward to this week's.  I worked on my project over the weekend, and was all set to post on Monday morning.

Well....the best laid plans...My youngest son had to go to the hospital on Monday morning for a blood test.  I took him, and planned to come home and write my post.  But, when I returned, my 15 year old son, who had been sick all weekend, was looking worse than he had when he woke up.  Because we were supposed to leave on vacation at the end of the week, I decided I had better get him in to the doctor so we weren't dealing with that on vacation.  Well, he only got worse and worse as we went to the doctor's office, the doctor did a couple of tests and determined that he needed more tests and observation.  After getting him admitted to the hospital, and a 1 am CAT scan, we found out that he had a RUPTURED appendix! (We can't do anything easy at our house :)) So, 6 am on Tuesday morning, he underwent surgery.  He is now in the hospital til at least Friday to monitor.  We are so blessed that this didn't happen on our trip to Florida.  It means that we won't be able to take our vacation to Nashville at the end of the week, but he is recovering nicely, and we are thankful of that! 

So...that is the reason for my Wednesday Monday Made-It!  Please excuse me this week. 

I can't remember where I got this idea, so I apologize, but also thank you for it! Please feel free to let me know if you think it was you! I can't wait to make this happen!

This poster is all done except for lamination.  It will be a great way for us to show what we have learned each day or week.  I think right now I will have students be accountable for one post-it per week, but we'll see...

Here's how it works.  The poster itself has 30 numbered squares where students will place a post-it note which shares what they have learned during the week.

Isn't it genius?  I love it!  I made the title to coordinate with all of my other classroom paperwork for next year.  Then I used the cute little bear paw prints (My school is the Bears.) and put numbers onto each one.  We use numbers for our behavior management, so students will place a sticky note with something new they learned over their pawprint.

This will be a great tool for me to use to monitor their learning, and it will be good for them to take ownership of their learning.  As we clear sticky notes, we are going to have a location in our Daily 5 Binders where we can store them.  We will then be able to share them with parents during our springtime student-led conferences!

What do you think?  I hope you are as excited about it as I am!  (Even if I am a couple of days late.  :))


Megan said...

Love your made it! I want to do something similar. So glad your son is recovering!

I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

Tara said...

Jennifer! First of poor thing!!! What a crazy week! Praise God you got him to the doctor and he is recovering. Wow! What a doll you are to link up on top of all that! If it helps, we tend to not do things easy here Now, your project is brilliant! What an awesome way to monitor learning! I am also loving the kids responsibility in this!!! This is awesome! I am going to have to try to do something like this to incorporate into my room! Thanks for sharing....never ever too late! Will be praying for your son's recovery and your family. Happy 4th!

4th Grade Frolics

Mrs. E said...

Oh my goodness- what a week! I'm glad you guys found out before your trip! I love you Wed made it ;) This is still on my "to-do" list for my classroom!! I hope your son feels better soon!

Unknown said...

First of all, I am sorry about the hospital visits! good grief! The post it learning board is super cute. I definitely want to add that to my classroom. Thanks! :)

Always A Lesson

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your sons, but I am so glad that it turned out okay! Thank goodness! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea! I love it! :)

Delighted in Second
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