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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A freebie for the end of my first week

I am having fun reading and learning about other's teaching through blogging. Today ends my first week as a blogger, and so I decided to share something to celebrate.

I provide SMARTBoard training for others in my district and area, and I have developed many lessons. I really love it, and I work hard to make my SMART docs user friendly and child-centered. If you click on the link below, it will take you to a SMARTBoard math review game for 3rd grade. It certainly could be used at other grades, and the content could be changed as wanted by the user. To open the document, you will need to have SMART Notebook 10 on your computer.

I hope you like it! If you do, share my blog with others!

SMARTBoard math review game


Julie said...

Thanks for following along and entering my giveaway!! I'm so glad to find another 3rd grade blog. I put you on my sqworl list. Just scroll down the right hand side of my blog and click on 3rd grade! Take a peak you were the 31st 3rd grade blog on my list!
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Julie said...

What a great giveaway! Enjoying your blog.

Unknown said...

What a great game! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to have discovered yours today! :)