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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Student Feedback

I believe it is important to assess ourselves regularly. I try to do this in a variety of ways throughout the year. However, I also believe it is important to get feedback from others. I actually like the years when I get evaluated by my principal. That feedback is important to me, and I like to know what others see when they enter my room.

For many years, I have had my students evaluate me at the end of the year. We discuss how important it is to review ourselves and our performances in many areas. I point out to them that I evaluate them all year long. I also point out the importance of the evaluation being honest, but not mean. I allow them to complete the evaluation with anonymity, but I find that most sign the paper anyway.  I like the feedback I get from my students. I like knowing what they see in me, and I use this information to change some things I do the next year.

In recent years, I have begun having a parent feedback page, too. However, it has been mainly to review something new that I have implemented in the classroom like my webpage, or a new curriculum component.

What kind of evaluations do you have in a year? How do you use them to push yourselves to the next level?

Click below to get a copy of my student evaluation form.