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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another great read!

I borrowed a copy of The Book Whisperer from a friend, and when she gave it to me, she also lent me a copy of the book, Igniting a Passion for Reading by Steven L. Layne.

I had been busy reading some other professional books this summer, so I just got a chance to read it.  What a great read!  Another book that speaks right to my heart.  It is very easy to read, and his examples are all so real.  In the book, he gives examples of things we can do in our classrooms to get kids excited about books.  You may find much of it to be similar to the message of The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller, but it is different enough to make you want to keep reading.  Definitely, if you like The Book Whisperer, I think you will like this one.  A big thank you to my friend, Christa, for sharing both books with me!

One of the things that I have really liked in this book is the repeated message of teachers reading children's literature.  That is pretty much all I read, and I have had that same feeling that Dr. Layne talks about when all of your adult friends are talking about some adult book that you have never read or heard of.  Two of my sons are voracious readers, so I am lucky to have new children's literature in our house quite often.  Like Dr. Layne, I like that I can read a children's book in  a day.  I can get through them quickly, and I enjoy the stories!  Also, as he states, it gives me a stronger voice with my students.  I know the books they are reading and I know how to recommend others that are similar because I have read them myself!
If you get a chance to read this book, I think you'll like it, too!