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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thinking about CAFE

So many people are talking CAFE and Daily 5 right now, it is hard to slow my thoughts down!

One great thing I have found to do: 

It is important to focus on only one strategy when you are doing a minilesson, but it is HARD!  As a good reader, I want to stop and talk about other things I notice, and inevitably, my students do, too! 

As we acquire more and more skills, and our CAFE board starts to look like there is something on the menu, I take a day where we read a new book and see how many of our strategies we use while reading it.  I have little post-its, and when a child uses a strategy on the menu board, he gets to go put a post-it on that strategy.  As students use other strategies, we do the same thing.  When we finish the book, we look to see how many strategies we used, and we discuss the importance of so many strategies.  It is a great lesson, and we do it 2-3 times a year. 

The visual of the CAFE board is a great asset to this whole workshop approach, but for this lesson, it is essential!


Anonymous said...

I like this lesson that you described! I have not implemented CAFE yet with my 6th graders-going to do that this year and SCARED out of my mind!! I hope I have time to do it and not feel rushed. I did the Daily 5(really 3) with them last year about 6-7 times after testing and they loved it!! I hope I can get all of it rolling this year, while still teaching word study, english, writing, and a little bit of whole group reading!

Jennifer Gibson said...

I think it would work with 6th graders! I know it is a challenge to fit everything in, but it usually all works out! Good luck!