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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

7 Habits + + = Teamwork activity

Today, my students focused on the habit:  SYNERGIZE.  We talked about the importance of teamwork, and then they were divided into small groups and given a quote about teamwork.  They then had to work together to create a Voki that recited their teamwork quote.  I did a short introduction to before we got on the computers.

After the Voki were created, I posted them on a website that I created at  It was a great way to get the vokis out where they could be seen!  I then linked that webpage to our classroom webpage so that students don't have to remember the wix URL. 

I do nearly everything in SMART Notebook, but it doesn't take HTML, and I needed somewhere to post 8 voki.  I decided I didn't want them right on our class website, and I didn't want to mess with posting them to my blog.  Both of those options would have been a little cumbersome.  Through some exploring, I found, and I am going to use it now to post our HTML creations.

The kids picked up on the voki creation quickly, and in general, they really did synergize to create them.  I thought this would be a good way to introduce this site in case they decide to use it at a later date for a project.  They will already have a basic understanding of how it works.

If you would like to see my students' vokis about teamwork, click here.


Pat's Paper Passion said...

WOW!! I can hardly wait to get to this habit and then I'll share your creations. thanks for the inspiration!

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Beth said...

I nominated you as one of my Top Ten Blogs!! Go here to check out my post-
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Thanks for all the wonderful blogging and idea sharing. I love visiting your blog every chance I get!