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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kinesthetic Spelling

For a number of years, I have used this idea to practice our spelling words.  I use it sometimes in stations, or I have an individual at the SMARTBoard and one on the mat to practice the same word.

I have a couple of them, and they were so easy and cheap to make!  I used plastic tablecloths from the party store and then wrote the alphabet on them.  When the word is said, the children say the letters in the word aloud and move to it on the mat.

I made similar ones for multiplication facts.  They are set up differently as the numbers are randomly placed on the mat.  I have the kids go against each other in this format.  It is more like Twister.

It is a great way to help some of the kids get some extra movement in! 


TLT said...

Love it. So, do you only use in stations? If not,how many mats do you use at once?

Jennifer Gibson said...

I have two mats and have kids working simultaneously. You could set it up however you wanted. It would partly depend on space. Somedays, I just have a couple kids get on the mat before we go to lunch, and they have to spell a word to get in line. Once they have each spelled a word, we go to lunch. Whatever works in your classroom!

Elizabeth said...

I love this! You are a Versatile Blogger award winner in my opinion!

- Elizabeth