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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fun SMART doc

   This is a past picture of my chlidren at the holidays. If you click on it, it will take you to a fun SMART doc to use in your classroom.  It is really a doc I created just to use on a Friday afternoon or something, and my students have really enjoyed it.  You can customize it for yourself by changing my roomcode, 3G, to your own.  Also, if you don't get a chance to use it by the holidays, you can cut the Christmas tree from the home page and insert another holiday image (or omit it altogether).  Remember--you must have SMART Notebook on your computer to open the document.

   I am having fun this year with my class, but I am working hard and am not yet into the holidays.  I can't believe that it is so close.  We put up our tree this weekend, so I am hoping that that will help me get into the spirit.  I purposefully made sure to have my plans done until Christmas so that I would be able to have more free time at night to enjoy the holiday time with my children.

   One of our favorite traditions, that we have done since my oldest son was little, is a holiday book countdown.  We pull 24 holiday books and put their names on slips.  Each night, we pull a slip and read that book.  These days, the boys have a rotation and read the books to the rest of us.  Even though 2 of them are in high school, it is something they still ask to do.  Each year they hope that the final book will be "The Night Before Christmas."  (I don't think that has ever happened!)  I enjoy this simple tradition, and I am especially glad that they still do, too.  We'll do it as long as they ask. 

    I hope that this month is full of excitement for your classroom and your family, and I hope that you are able to use the SMART doc in some way in your classroom!


Elizabeth said...

I love your family tradition! And your blog is so cute. I just gave you the Liebster Award:

- Elizabeth