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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Interactive Graphic Organizers

Here are some great online graphic organizers I found for kids to use.  Some allow for students to input and print, and some allow for students to complete and embed. 

I am a big fan of, and I have blogged about them before.  Both of these graphic organizers can be found there (plus a lot of other goodies!)  You can not print or save unless you upgrade, but I have the kids embed them.

This one is from Holt publishing, and it is a PDF which allows you to enter text.  It is a pretty good one, but this link will take you to a whole bunch of similarly formatted templates.

I found this one at Read Write Think.  It allows kids to place story information into a plot diagram.  Could be a great way to assess kids' knowledge of a text!

This one, from the BBC, is very easy to use, and allows you to save and print your final project.  There are a variety of options here, too.

As my district moves closer and closer to our digital conversion, I am encouraging teachers to try these tools with their students so that they can get a feel for all there is to offer out there.  That way, when the time comes for us to have 1:1 computers, it will seem like a gift rather than a challenge!

Do you have any great online graphic organizers you use?  Can you share?  I love to hear your ideas and comments!


RealOCteachers said...

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Evan Raymonds said...

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