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Thursday, June 13, 2013


I have taken a more than HUGE hiatus from my blog.  The last school year was a very trying one for me.   Our district's initiatives and expectations required so much of my time that I had to step away from my blog.

I have begun summer by doing a lot of NOTHING.  It has felt good to give my teaching brain a break.  I have read a lot of books.  Here are some I have enjoyed. 

The Titanic series was a fun and easy one to read.  I know many of my students will enjoy it.  Even though I know a lot about the events of the Titanic, this gave me some new information, and I really enjoyed the characters.  They would be good to help kids better understand the beginning of the 20th century.

 I liked As Simple as it Seems.  It was a "girl growing up" book.  It had a voice that I enjoyed, and I can see some of my strong girl readers enjoying it, too.

Masterpiece is by no means a new book, but one that I had not gotten around to reading.  I liked the mystery, but I enjoyed the art history lessons more.  It reminded me of the Blue Balliet books that I love--Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3, and The Calder Game.  What better way to teach students art history than through a good mystery and strong characters?

I read Ghost Train to Nowhere because I thought some of my more reluctant readers will enjoy it..  It was probably too much for many of them, but I think I will have an audience for it.  It kind of reminded me of a Scooby Doo episode.  :)

Adventures in Cartooning was cute.  Definitely good for my reluctant readers and for my students who enjoy writing cartoons. 

You may remember from other posts that I am really enjoying the Theodore Boone series.  The Accused is not the newest in this series, but it is new in paperback, and I don't typically buy hardback books for my classroom.  Theodore Boone is a kid detective/lawyer who is easy for kids to understand.  This book is actually a continuation of the first Theodore Boone book, but  I don't think it is necessary to read the first to understand this.  Another good thing about this series is that it is written by John Grisham.  I like to expose my readers to authors that they can enjoy throughout their lives.

One Amazing Thing is not a book for my classsroom.  It is a book that my son is being asked to read as part of his university's freshman reading program.  It was a nice book to read, and I am glad that I read it to share my ideas with my son.  He is not much of a reader, but I think that he will be interested to learn about the characters in this book.  In the story, the characters are trapped in an office after an earthquake, and they decided to pass the time by sharing one amazing thing about their lives.

So today's post is my effort to get back in the swing of things.  I have  a lot to share from the last school year plus things I have been working on this summer. I hope there are still people out there that are reading....:)


Amanda Kendall said...

I have heard that same thing from SO many teachers, myself included. I'm glad you made it through the year and have been doing some well deserved relaxation. Love your book post today. I am reviving my Fiction Friday linky party from last summer. I would love for your to link up tomorrow. It's the first day back. :) I love those Gordon Korman books. He was so smart to split them up into "trilogies." It is much less overwhelming for kids.

The Teaching Thief

Mrs. Mary Aper said...

Glad you are back! Yes, quite a year! Enjoy summer reading and lunch out with girlfriends! ;)

Amanda Kendall said...

Hooray! Thanks for coming back and linking up! I hope you will join us next week too. :)

The Teaching Thief

Bethany Hunter said...

This seems to have been a tough year on a lot of us. I found your blog from the linky. I'm a new follower. My students love the Titanic series.

Hunter's Tales from Teaching

Brandee Green said...

Well hello there! I just found you via the linky and wanted to tell you how much I the Titantic series. My students really enjoyed them. I see that we have similar blog names so I am sure we have similar teaching styles based on our names. :) I'm following you via Bloglovin and look forward to hearing lots from you in the future. I apparently joined BlogWorld during your hiatus but I am happy to meet ya now! :)
Creating Lifelong Learners