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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Book Whisperer Chapter 1

     I love it when I listen  to someone who is speaking right to my heart!  That is what I thought as I read Chapter 1.  I have run a workshop style classroom for over 15 years.  It has changed has I have changed, but the one thing that I keep an important part--student choice.  I think it is so important that they have some say in what they read. 

     I have had others that I have worked with over the years who did not agree with this philosophy.  This made me question what I was doing--but only for a little bit.  My students helped me to know what I was doing was right.  In fact, this spring, I received an email from a student that I had 15 years ago.  I have long left the district that he grew up in, and have moved to two other communities in our state, but he found me.  He said many nice things, but the one thing that he said that he remembered after all of these years is "that you let us read."  This email was a wonderful gift, and I was glad to see that, even after all of this time out of my classroom, this is what he remembers.  I want that to be true of all my students--no matter what grade or what district I am teaching.


Beth said...

So glad you have you with us for the read along and I love the story about your former student. I hope I can have that kind of impact!
Thinking of Teaching

Libby said...

I think that's just awesome! I'm sure students don't remember with fondness about all the test prep activities or worksheets they did. Good to know you only questioned yourself for a little bit ;)