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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Reading Scavenger Hunt

A fun activity that my class will do each trimester is a reading scavenger hunt.  It is a great opportunity for collaboration because the whole class is working as one unit to identify all of the items on the list.

The scavenger hunt list below will be posted and discussed at the beginning of the term.  Students will decide what the prize for the class will be if they find all of the items.  After we have reviewed the list, I will post it in the classroom.  It is a great way for students to show their understanding of literary elements. 

Students will be allowed to fill in items on the scavenger hunt as they find it in their reading.  The item will only be counted if all of the columns following it are completed.  I do allow students to complete more than one item, but I encourage everyone to play a part in the process.

I will trim the pages and attach them together so that they look like one large table.  I usually hang the table in an easy spot for kids to get to in the room, but this year I may place it on a clipboard because I don't have very much wall space.

Periodically, I will review with the students what they are still looking for to complete the hunt. At the end of the trimester, I will post a new hunt for the next trimester and the process will begin again.  Sometimes, I carry over previous items that have not been located yet.

Hope you can use this with your students!


Kylie Capshaw said...

A Reading Scavenger Hunt? Cool. This is a good activity for children, especially for those who like reading books. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

Kylie Capshaw