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Monday, March 12, 2012

Finally last week....

Last week was our state testing week.  What a long week for kids!  Most of mine did well with the change in schedule and routine, but some of my kids who struggle with focus had a tough time.

I am not a fan of testing, so I try to keep them excited by offering some fun activities.  First of all, a favorite is for their parents to write to them on sticky notes--one note for each day.  When the kids come in the room, they have a snack on their desk along with a note from a loved one.  Many get so excited that they keep them on their desks well after testing.  They can't have them on their desktop during testing, so they hang them down on their desk where they can still see it and then place them back on their desks when the testing is done. 

Many of them think that their moms and dads are coming into the room when they are gone.  It is so cute.  I love seeing the creative ways parents make the notes.  It is really touching how much of an impact it has on the kids. 

On Tuesday of testing, we celebrated Michelangelo's birthday by painting our own "Sistine Chapels."  Kids had fun laying on their backs.  I posted about this activity here.  Here are our finished creations.

Aren't the colors beautiful?

Wednesday was our World Read Aloud Day celebration.  We celebrated all afternoon with a visit from our Director of Elementary Education reading Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude to the whole 3rd grade, extra read aloud from me, read aloud with a partner and a Skype event with Navjot Kaur.  She read to us from her book A Lion's Mane.  It was a nice afternoon.  One of the kids said to me, "I've never met an author before.  Now I have!"  This Skype was set up for me by LitWorld who organizes World Read Aloud Day.

Certainly, we are glad to be done with our testing, but these special events made it all a little more fun!


Mrs. Corbitt said...

I love that your parents send encouraging words to their kiddos during state testing. We do that too . . . well sort of. The parents are offered the chance to write a note. Last year I did not get as good of a turn out as I would have thought/expected/liked but I am hoping that this year is a little better. Here's hoping :)