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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loving this Sunday night!

Thanks to Angela at Primarily Primary for awarding me the above awards.  I appreciate her thinking of me and following my blog.  Be sure to check out her new blog!

These were a nice welcome home after a busy family weekend away at the state basketball tournament!  I am loving this Sunday night for a couple of reasons.  We are home, and my house isn't a TOTAL mess...and best of all, I am on jury duty this week, but I don't have to report tomorrow!  Hurrah!  I was concerned to have to have my kids have a sub on a Monday, and I really didn't want to prep for it.  Thankfully, now the earliest I will have to report is on Tuesday.  I just don't want to get assigned to a jury.  I have served before, and I have been assigned to a jury, so I already have that experience.  I just want to serve my time without a ton of disruptions to my home and my classroom.

Because I was gone all weekend, I haven't posted this weekend.  I want to share with you some pictures of things from my room last week, so I will try to get around to it tomorrow once things are settled a bit.  :)

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Have a great week!


Mrs. Shepherd said...

Well first thanks so much for awarding me with the One Lovely Blog award. Next, to answer your question about Camp Write Along, it is only 4th grade and one class of 3rd grade participating. I will be posting each day. Thanks for checking it out!